"Saving His Life" book page spread
“Saving His Life” by Lee Sandlin. Published by Sherwin Beach Press. 2008. Photoetchings printed on Hosho, letterpress printing on Twinrocker Handmade. 100 pages, 9.5″ x 11″

Book Design

Saving His Life by Lee Sandlin, published by Sherwin Beach Press; For the Love of Letterpress: a Handbook for Instructors and Students by Cathie Ruggie Saunders and Martha Chiplis, published by Bloomsbury; The Lives and Work of Wright and Zoe Howes and the Story of U.S.IANA by John Blew; Tucker Tiger and the Plan by Ann Dunlevy; Western Journeys: Essays on Books, Travel, and Western History by John C. Roberts; and Dreamer by June Sawers.