Caxton Club / Newberry Library

The Caxton Club/Newberry Library Symposium on the Book Outsiders: Zines Samizdat & Alternative Publishing was held on April 6, 2013 at the Newberry Library. The event was co-sponsored by the Bibliographical Society of America.

The materials for the symposium were designed after looking at  zines in local collections, and some online. The drawing for the poster is based on an historic photograph of the main reading room at the Newberry, updated with contemporary zine makers, collector and an imagined fan. The interior of the booklet contained a center spread with photos of the speakers and some of their work. The printed poster, booklet, and day-of program were risograph printed by Issue Press in Michigan. Risograph printing, which has gained popularity in recent years for print zines and artist’s book, is a cross between screenprinting and xerography.